Photo showing the opening of the rope net tube elevator
Photo showing the the rope net tube elevator from a different direction and lower.
Photo showing the rope net tube elevator from a lower and different direction as well as the opening the the elevator passes through
Photo showing the opening of the rope net tube elevatorj from a slightly different direction
Photo showing the opening of the rope net tube elevator from a completely different angle.
Close-up of the bindings that protrude into the opening of the net tube elevator
Close-up of the simple splicing on the net tube elevator

Rope Net Tube "Elevator" With Two (2) Openings | 3/4" Promanila | 8" Squares | 2'6" Diameter

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UNIQUE DESIGN: I have not seen anything like this for sale, and as far as I know this is pretty unique.  This is a net tube made with 3/4" Promanila rope and 8" squares.  The net tube has multiple loops around the circumference of the top for mounting - this is incorporated into the height/length of the tube.  Included in the price are two openings.  When you order this net-tube "Elevator", I will have to be in contact with you as to the location (along the height of the tube), size, and orientation of the openings.  The baseline product's openings will be oriented in the same direction, but one opening can be moved to open in a different direction for additional fees.  Look carefully at the pictures of the openings.  The horizontal and vertical ropes are woven through the opening and bound with metal, then heat shrink tubing the rough color of the rope is placed over these bindings to lessen the possibility of sharp edges.  *These will not be comfortable to crawl across...  The openings of the "Elevator" are designed to be stepped out of, not crawled out of.  This binding method is to keep the cost down.  If you want something to crawl out of, please contact me.  

TWO (2) OPENINGS:  Two openings come with this net tube.  This was designed around the concept of being installed in a treehouse and providing net-tube climbing access to go from ground level to the first story, or from the 1st story to the second, etc.  The openings shown in the picture are about 4'6" tall by 1'8" wide.  An average adult can duck their head and step in or out of these openings fairly easily - allowing better balance and stability upon entering or exiting the net tube.  It is recommended to mount this with the openings oriented in a direction that when kids are playing they can't accidentally fall into the openings.  Also recommended are ropes or some form of barrier placed accross the openings when not in use to further restrict the chance a falling into the net tube (this is more of an issue on the upper opening, as the lower opening shouldn't be off the ground/floor very far).  *The net tube elevator should also be mounted to the opening that it passes through - if not, it is possible that a person could fall into the net tube from any direction, moving it out of the way and falling through the hole.  If you are concerned with the install/safety of this setup, contact me as well as a professional contractor to help with installation.

HANDMADE: High quality handmade climbing net tube featuring 8" x 8" squares and using 3/4" twisted Pro Manila rope. These climbing net tubes are suitable for kids and adults and the rope itself is untwisted and re-twisted to entwine the vertical and horizontal ropes. This allows it to hang straighter and is far superior quality to the tucked method (which you can tell by it hanging crooked or twisted over the length of the tube).  

SUPERIOR VALUE: In addition to the large portion of the net being untwisted and re-woven, the seam (where I combine the edges of the net) is spliced and melted to ensure a solid connection. Although this is time consuming it creates a superior finished product.

LOW COST: Lower cost per lineal foot compared to anything remotely close in quality!

USA QUALITY: All Kids Should Be Kids handmade climbing nets are made in the USA.

Look at the Competition!  There is very little, if none!  No climbing net tube of this quality comes anywhere close to the value, let alone has custom openings to enter and exit!  This is 3/4" high-density twisted Pro Manila, and the technique is unrivaled in this price range!

*Due to the extremely time consuming and custom nature of these Net Tube Elevators - Returns/Refunds will only be accepted in the most extreme circumstances.  Of course, your enjoyment and happiness with the product is my most important factor when it comes to customer service.  Please contact me with questions, concerns, etc. before purchases to make sure that there are no misunderstandings with what you will be receiving.

Pro Manila does extremely well with resistance to rot, moisture, and weather. Although polypropelene doesn't like direct sunlight, the density of the rope makes it suitable for use outdoors.

The net tube does not come with any hardware.

My lead time may not be 2-3 weeks... Depending on my schedule, materials status, etc. I may be able to quickly get an order out. Please contact me for current estimates on shipping.

*Proper safety measures must be taken when using a rope bridge and any climbing net or equipment. Rubber mulch, padded ground, sand, etc. around the base aid in softening falls, and periodic inspection of the bridge or net and attachment points for wear, damage, and uncoupling is very important to do on a regular basis. Please use responsibly!

If you have any questions or want to inquire about a special size or different type of net or bridge, Please send me a message!!