Climbing Net 3/4" Green Rope, 10" x 10" squares indoor - Shown hung against a ruler for scale - treehouse
Climbing Net 3/4" Green Rope, 10" x 10" squares indoor - net against a white background for contrast

Clearance! - Climbing Net | Handmade in the USA | 3/4" Green Rope, 10" x 10" squares | Indoor/Some Outdoor

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HANDMADE: High quality handmade climbing net featuring 10" x 10" squares and using 3/4" green rope. These climbing nets are suitable for kids and adults and are woven to give a clean, square look.

EASY ATTACHMENT: 2 foot lengths of rope at the top and at least 1 foot of rope at the bottom to provide a variety of attachment options.

USA QUALITY: All Kids Should Be Kids handmade climbing nets are made in the USA and support charity.

INDOOR, SOME OUTDOOR: Braided polypropelene nets are suitable for indoor use, and some outdoor use - see below

Polypropelene does extremely well with resistance to rot, moisture, and weather. It doesn't do very well in direct sunlight, and is not suitable to be in direct sun for an extended time and will shorten the lifespan of the net.

The net does not come with any hardware.

My lead time may not be 2-3 weeks... Depending on my schedule, materials status, etc. I may be able to quickly get an order out. Please contact me for current estimates on shipping.

*Proper safety measures must be taken when using a rope bridge and any climbing net or equipment. Rubber mulch, padded ground, sand, etc. around the base aid in softening falls, and periodic inspection of the bridge or net and attachment points for wear, damage, and uncoupling is very important to do on a regular basis. Please use responsibly!

If you have any questions or want to inquire about a special size or different type of net or bridge, Please send me a message!!