Climbing Net Affordable Quality - picture in use - shows use of top loops to mount to 2x4
Climbing Net Affordable Quality different angle showing net mounted to treehouse deck
Climbing Net Affordable Quality on white background for contrast
Climbing Net Affordable Quality smaller net showing use of loops in sizing as well as 2 foot bottom lengths for attachment
Climbing Net Affordable Quality - Top loops and visual of metal bindings
Climbing Net Affordable Quality - closeup of lengths for bottom mounting
Climbing Net Affordable Quality - closeup of interweaving technique to hang the net straight

Climbing Net | Affordable Quality | 3/4" Pro Manila Rope, 10" x 10" squares No Splice

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HANDMADE: High quality handmade climbing net featuring 10" x 10" squares and using 3/4" twisted Pro Manila rope. These climbing nets are suitable for kids and adults and the rope itself is untwisted and re-twisted to entwine the vertical and horizontal ropes. This allows it to hang straighter and is far superior quality to the tucked method (which you can tell by it hanging crooked).

SUPERIOR VALUE: In addition to the field (center of the net) being untwisted and re-woven, the edges (perimeter) are bound and melted to ensure a solid binding. These methods cut labor and materials cost significantly - allowing for the highest quality net at significant savings per square foot over competitors.

LOW COST: Lower cost per square foot compared to anything remotely close in quality!

USA QUALITY: All Kids Should Be Kids handmade climbing nets are made in the USA and support charity.

Look at the Competition! No climbing net of this quality comes anywhere close to the value on these nets! This is 3/4" high-density twisted Pro Manila, and the technique is unrivaled in this price range!

Pro Manila does extremely well with resistance to rot, moisture, and weather. Although polypropelene doesn't like direct sunlight, the density of the rope makes it suitable for use outdoors.

The net does not come with any hardware.

My lead time may not be 2-3 weeks... Depending on my schedule, materials status, etc. I may be able to quickly get an order out. Please contact me for current estimates on shipping.

*Proper safety measures must be taken when using a rope bridge and any climbing net or equipment. Rubber mulch, padded ground, sand, etc. around the base aid in softening falls, and periodic inspection of the bridge or net and attachment points for wear, damage, and uncoupling is very important to do on a regular basis. Please use responsibly!

If you have any questions or want to inquire about a special size or different type of net or bridge, Please send me a message!!