Why I started "Kids Should Be Kids"

My wife and I started "Kids Should Be Kids" because of our shared goal of helping children.  All kids deserve to be kids - which to us means healthy, active playtime and creative use of the imagination.  This year as I was building a tree house for my own children (ages 2 and 9) and while looking for rope bridges, climbing nets, etc - I couldn't find anything that was reasonably priced while still being well constructed.  I wanted safe active play products for my kids to enjoy for many years - which is something that kids of all ages (and adults) deserve.


And so "Kids Should Be Kids" was born. Having previously coached kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, helping to found the "High Plains Youth Hockey League," and of course raising my own two children - I have always felt the importance of keeping kids healthy and active.  It's really to find enriching alternatives to TV, video games, and other media these days - especially exciting alternatives that keep kids interested for the long run...  My wife and I are perpetually fighting off the introduction of video games to our household as well as trying to avoid the comatose state that inevitably results from watching TV or the tablet.


In addition to making products available to help kids get outside and have fun, I also wanted to figure out how to help kids in general through some form of charity.  After much research, I came up with a group that really stood out.  The idea of a child having cancer when they should be enjoying all the innocence and joy of growing up just hit me hard...  Kids will have plenty of stress and worries once they grow up without the terrible burden of childhood cancer.  Through donating 5% of all sales to The St Jude Children's Research Hospital, I was able help provide fun and enriching play nets and products to kids of all ages, while also supporting this phenomenal group.  St Jude's is the largest researcher of cures for childhood cancer in the world, and all of the families and children they treat there NEVER receive a bill. Around 80 Cents of every dollar donated goes directly to supporting patients and research at St. Jude. 


If you choose to buy a product from "Kids Should Be Kids", I hope that it warms your heart that a significant portion of your purchase will help keep them doing their valuable work.  If you want to know (or donate) more, visit them directly at www.stjude.org.